3000 Records Reviews

3000 Records has been in business since 1996. We have organized many projects helping to promote independent music (see our Music Promotion Services). Our goal is to help Artists gain more exposure for their music in ways that are creative, and cost effective. We have helped thousands of Artists over the years and are thankful for the positive feedback we have received from time to time. Thank you for your support.


“You’ve come a long way over the years. Thank you for providing affordable promotions and marketing options for the independent artists.” – Raphael Ashanti, Recording Artist

“It seems that I did quite well with your services and I will be back to do much more business with your great company. I would recommend your company to anyone that needs to get ahead in this business!! As far as I’m concerned, your #1.” – Tony Russo, Artist/Singer

“I can see that your service works. Our label and publishing has had numerous requests from prominent radio stations as far away as Australia and Norway and more. Considering the cost is minimal its good to know a service like yours can help us complete the good picture.” – David Hart

“And yes I’ve grown quite a bit since 2010 including public exposure and internet success. my Youtube views have increased dramatically because of your company 3000 Records. HOORAHH !! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. I wish all Artists could find 3000 Records and follow the program and BLOW UP !” – Hunter P. Hayes, Recording Artist and ” Emmy Award Winner “

“So far we had requests from independent radio stations in England, Canada, Chile, Germany and Lithuania. We think it`s really a great thing and so we already extended our listing. Hoping for some feedback still to come. Regards from Austria.” – Gernot

“We have had several requests from all over the globe. One turned into a featured showcase of the Dylan James ” Alive ” CD on an internet radio show in the UK just 2 weeks ago, We are now getting airplay on top 40 radio here in several states on 25 stations so far. Currently #5 on the Top 40 up and coming new artist in this issue of New Music Weekly with track #5 “Bluebirds”. Your program really works !!! – Dylan James

“Since signing on, I’m getting between 10 and 20 requests a week for our cds” – Mr. Jimi, Ariana Records

“I think the CD Register is brilliant. I have had requests from USA and Australia and have had great exposure because of it. It is a great service and one I would Highly recommend :)” – JJ kane, Caravan Music Promotion

“We had a great experience with CD Register. At first I was doubtful but the first month we immediately got requests and they kept coming. We were able to track where the CD was played and it directly translated into online sales. Overall, we found the experience so easy and helpful that we signed up for the entire year. Thanks for the service and keep up the great work.” – Scott Price

“CD Register has been a great tool for me. Stations, DJ’s and podcasts from the four corners of the world have received my CD because of the CD Register. Your service is extremely value and very affordable… a must for any artists with new product.” – ScottRocker

“I received a ton of requests for the song and now am getting played all over the world. You just may have changed my life for the best. Thanks to you and your company. I am refering bands to you left and right. Just a letter of appreciation to you for your help in the music business.” – Dave Mayer

“CD Register is amazing! In our first week of being listed, we’ve gotten at least 1-2 requests from around the globe per day, all asking for our new album for radio play! Thanks a million for doing what you offer, for being true to your promise, and for being affordable and affective.” – Travis, Moss Bluff

“I do recommend the CD Register for any band looking for real airplay. Mojave Ocean is now starting to get regular rotation radio play in at least six countries around the world instead of just the occasional overnight radio show.” – Wil Wesch, Mojave Ocean

“We had a great experience with your service. We had several indie radio stations contact us, requesting our music, even as far away as Chile.” – Rachel Peroni, Wiretree

“I have been very happy with CD Register. It’s quite unique to have DJs and radio stations contacting me to request my music. I’m use to having to contact them with permission to send my music. I have gotten requests – and gotten played – in Germany and Poland. Which is cool for me as I am very interested in the European market. I am also finding this be a great gateway in the college radio market.” – Monty

“My experience with CD Register has been very gratifying. I have received requests for my CD from Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Lithuania, and the U.S. I was given two positive written reviews online, and everyone who requested the CD has responded positively to my enchanting and unique music which did not fit conveniently into any specific genre. Of all the services for which I have paid to get my music out there, CD Register is by far the best deal for the money and the one service that actually DELIVERED. I have recommended it to all my musician friends, old and new. I’m also grateful for our correspondence. Anytime I emailed you, I received an expedient, friendly and informative response from you, Terrance. I love having accessibility in that way. CD Register is unsurpassed in it’s service and exposure for the independent musician. Thank you again for your wonderful and very affordable service” – Susan Savia

“We have have had 14 requests for the CD, primarily from UK and Australia. We have already received air play in both countries.” – Jeff Sable and the Sable Band

“Dear Terrance, My experience with 3000records is positive so far, I received requests from radios around the world who wanted to play my music an talk about it, this helps indepedent musicians to save time and to make their network grow.” – Angela Maria

“We signed up last week. The list went out Tuesday. Because of the list, our website hits have gone through the roof. It is Friday morning and so far, I’ve got ten submissions to get ready to mail on Monday. The one that tops em all is the request from the Manager of East Coast Music Operations for CBS Television. Terrance, when I see you, I’m gonna kiss you on the mouth !!!!” – Stevie Dupree and The Dudes

“Hi Terrance, I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the results since I have joined 3000 Records. I am getting expossure in countrys that I wouldn’t have know where to start networking. With the benefits of free (music) report I am getting many requests to send Cd’s for air play. Through these request I am being heard in Australia, USA, Italy and God only knows where else! Am I excited! You bet! I would highly recommend people to join 3000 Records. The little bit of investment will go along way!” – Noreen Corkum

“Thanks to you guys, I have gotten many requests from online radio stations. I love your company and what you do.” – DJ Smooth4Lyfe

“I use CD Register exclusively for domestic & worldwide radio promotion every month for the last three years, as well as their CD promotions. Every first week of the month I’m shippin’ radio promos at the post office. Be advised the music biz is full of bull shit. CD Register works…else, I would not take the time to write this!” – Alan Ichiyasu

“Your service beats most other places I’ve tried for the simple fact that people come to me instead of me going to them. Since my music is somewhat unique, it’s tough to find a target audience, so I like the fact that I can avoid the usual hit-or-miss scenario.” – Thomas Rose

“I’m getting requests for my music from radio stations all over the country. I use to be an infamous composer and artist, but thanks to your help I think that’s quickly changing. Thank you Terrance and 3000 records for the great job you’ve done.” – Jason, Airomee Wind

“Terrance, I can’t believe the results in less than a week. We have already been asked to be on radio stations just from our sample cuts. Thanks so Much” – Joe May, Musician

“My listing through CD Register mainly awoke interest in internet radio stations which is really good and I got requests almost immediately after I’d registered, which was great! I think you’re doing a wonderful job and have recommended CD Register to other independent artists. I also think it’s wonderful that you contact people personally and always answered any questions I had.” – Sumitra

“Hi Terrance- We were very pleased with the results of our listing in the new music report. Radio stations from Germany to California aired our music on their stations which was our goal when we purchased the listing. We also made other great contacts in Japan and the United States which may air our music in the future. All in all I would say it was a very good investment. Take care” – Brett, Mossback

“Hi, I am very,very pleased with the response I got via cd register.I had requests from USA, Chile, Canada, Germany…and others & I DID get airplay….a wonderfull service.” – Anne Gomez

“Well, Terrance, it seems to be working. I’ve had six requests from radio stations for CD’s, including one in Australia and one in Japan, a country I think will particularly like my music. If this keeps up, I don’t know how I’ll keep up with the demand. You certainly are getting people’s attention. I’m getting those packages ready to go out today. Thanks. ” – Valleri Sauro, Composer

“I was very pleased with the number of people who want a copy of my CD. I plan to register again when our new CD is released in a couple of months.” – Andy Douglas, Dreamwind Band

“It feels good thinking that some of my songs may be playing on the radio in places that I have never heard of and never been to.” – Kurt Patrick Geier

“I had several hookups from around the world. Germany, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the UK, and one from the San Diego home base. The station Small World will interview the band by phone next week from their Harrisburg, Pennsylvania location and a sit-down when the band moves back to San Diego in September/October 07” – Joe Pane, Malice420

“This is very good program to promote indie Artist’s music I have had positive feedback in the USA and in Europe.” – Reggie, Da Blaknix

“We have had a great response from being on the CD register. We have had about 20 people (music industry contacts) asking for our stuff from all over the world. We have been played on radio stations over in America and Australia and even had a request from CBS television in New York. We’ve been involved with internet radio as well which has been cool. It really has been a great way of getting our music heard.” – Adam, Selotape

“Wow! I’m writing to let you know how pleased I am with the contacts and cd requests I’ve had from my listing in CD Register. My first listing went out just a month ago. I’m completely amazed!! What a great service you provide! As a result of my CD Register listing, my new “Party Platter” CD is already getting good airplay in Australia, Japan, England, and some in the U.S. And I hear that “Party Platter” will also be on the air in New Zealand, Canada, and Europe soon. Last week I was fortunate to be featured and interviewed live (by phone) with my rock and blues music on an FM radio station near London. It was followed by an internet radio rebroadcast, so friends, fans, and family here could also listen.” – Phil Townley

“Our visits to our site went from 300+ a week to 29,000+ a week!” – Lee White, Einstein’s Dream

“Terrance, it has been a pleasure to work with you. I am amazed every day at the response I have received since I signed up for CD Register. I am getting at least ten requests a week, from people who have actually visited my site and listened to my music!” – Marissa, Marissamusic

“I think that your service is great. I have had several requests from various countries. In fact I have no CDs left to send out. I am picking up more tomorrow.” – Garry Jackson

“I’m very happy with the response from your service. We have been getting consistent airplay in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. We had been doing this ourselves using existing resources (lists) to send our CD’s out. This service has proven to be much more cost effective. We are no longer sending CD’s out to stations that have not requested it (often a black hole) and are now monthly receiving requests from stations that do.” – Harry & Rex of Kaniget

“I’ve gotten requests from a few places in the U.S., Lithuania, England, Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia. WAY COOL. I am grateful for your service!” – Susan Savia

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you there at CDregister for your assistance. Since I signed up with your site on July 6th, 2010, I have had fantastic results from across the world. Thank You… I received an email yesterday requesting my tracks for they are currently looking for Reggae music for one of their film projects. I’m as excited about this potential exposure and grateful as an artist who just released with you, to receive such positive news. Thank you so much Terrance for creating such a positive, interactive and powerful site.” – Sista Mandy

“Just wanted to let you know that I was contacted today by Yellow Beat radio about sending them some cds for consideration for their playlist. They heard of me and checked out my site because of your Free Music Report. So thanks!” – Milinda Allen

“This is a wonderful service. Thank you.” – Jermaine Archibald

“Hey Terrance! I greatly appreciate being a part of your organization and I have had numerous requests for my CD. I highly recommend anyone interested to give it a shot. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks.” – Jon Kent Meade, a.k.a. Natchez

“One Church has had great success with your services. I believe we have been contacted by 11 radio stations and 10 of them picked us up. Three of those are large market stations. Since we are a Christian group we probably do not get as many request as main stream music groups would receive. We have one song which has climbed into the top ten in The world independent Music Market in Newcastle Autralia.Yes it has been sucessful. I know that there are 100’s of christain stations out there I hope you reach more of them. 11 stations contacting us is not very many (but) the percentage of acceptance is great. If we would keep the same percentage rate to over 100 stations we would then achieve being heard all over.” – Joe May, One Church

“You’ve got a great program with the register,we’ve gotten quite a few requests worlwide and have already been a featured artist on a podcast website so we’re happy so far with results,thanx much and we’ll continue onward,this should be positive results for any other artists curious about the program.” – Michael D., Jak Frost

“..So far it’s been pretty cool. All very positive feedback..plus I actually got a call today from 507 records. They’re interested in doing a test distribution run so we’ll see how that turns out. Plus received a bunch of requests for CD’s from internet radio stations.” – Sharon, Motorbaby

“The listing really helps me to get my music out there. I averaged about 6 requests a week. You have got a great thing going on here. Thanks.” – Blanche Tate

“My music is getting airplay in Australia and Germany as well as in the USA. It’s awesome to have my music exposed to so many different places, I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. Thank you for your service.” – Craymo

“Our inbox has been insane….thanks a ton!” Bryan (aka EL BURRITO), REBO!

“I must say that the program (CD Register) definitely reaches radio and media people. I have had 19 responses, requesting for my new CD and have responded by sending my CD over to mostly the USA and Australia with one from the UK. A couple of them responded to acknowledge receipt and ‘promised’ to load it into their programming. ILR (Australia) has played once and put one of the tracks in its playlist. And the most useful so far has been the UK respondent that actually took time to listen and made a critical review.” – Martin Adu

“I have nothing to say except, thank-you. Your organization has been very helpful to me in regards to my musical career. Thru this organization I have had request for my CDs from many colleges and other organizations in the United States.” – Angel Tazari

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