Music Promotion

Artist Newswire specializes in writing and distributing press releases world-wide for artists, bands, and record labels.

All music styles are welcome, and your press release can talk about your single, EP, or full album release, music video, new band, upcoming event, web site, or other announcement.


MVD (Music Video Distribution) makes your video available on 70+ video sharing sites, and streaming T.V.

(MVD) Music Video Distribution saves you time and effort while reaching a massive viewing audience!


Album Register helps  you get your music to DJs who will play it.  Get listed!

We provide a solution for getting your music out there, to people in the music industry who genuinely want your album, EP, or “single” digitally or on CD. Many Bands & Artists send their music to stations, record companies, etc… who never asked for it. This can be a waste of time, money, and energy for everybody. On the other hand.. The FREE Music Report is sent to the DJs, A&R staff from record labels, and other music industry contacts, and allows them to select only the music they want. Each month they get a fresh selection of the newest music available to them.